Case Studies

TENORM Surveys / Regulatory Compliance Assessment


Fossil fuel (coal) with potential TENORM

Newtech performed an assessment to determine if concentrations of TENORM at a 5 unit fossil fuel plant in Alabama were above the State criteria which would indicate the need for licensing.

Private Clients

Theodore, AL

Newtech personnel provided health physics consulting, assisted in licensing of the site and regulatory compliance, hired a support staff of 12 HP technicians and supported operations geared toward the removal and sale of the iron oxide tailings.

Cimarron Corporation

Crescent, OK

Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility

Project Management for this facility included all aspects of decommissioning operations necessary for license termination and release for unrestricted use.

U.S. Forest Service (USDA)

Winchester, KY

Oil and Gas TENORM

At the request of the USFS, Newtech personnel provided 3 days of TENORM training for USFS and Bureau of Land Management personnel related to naturally occurring radioactive materials.

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