Licensing & Regulatory Compliance

Newtech understands the complex regulations related to facilities and processes utilizing radioactive materials and hazardous materials, including naturally occurring radioactive materials.

NewTech has prepared and submitted numerous broad scope radioactive materials licenses under 10 CFR 30 (byproduct materials), 10 CFR 40 (source materials), 10 CFR 71 (special nuclear materials), and State requirements including TENORM, NORM, and NARM licenses. Whether under a license or not, all companies share a responsibility for worker safety and environmental protection. For those licensees and organizations, we can assist in writing and implementing specific plans and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance. Newtech has “off the shelf” plans and procedures that can be economically modified to meet your specific requirements. In addition, our experience in meeting and negotiating with regulatory staff helps our clients to understand the best options to achieve full compliance at lowest cost.

  • Ionizing & Non-ionizing Radiation

    Newtech health physicists, engineers and technicians understand ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and the regulations governing their safe usage. Our experts are ready to help you with the safe management, control and access, transfer, remediation, or disposal of radioactive materials, sources, contamination, radiation producing machines, oil and gas NORM/NARM/TENORM and other forms of licensed or regulated materials. We will ensure regulatory compliance with full documentation and quality control as needed for your record-keeping.

  • Radiological Testing & Surveys

    Newtech owns a wide array of field and laboratory instrumentation and software for radiological measurements (qualitative as well as quantitative) necessary to ensure regulatory compliance, site characterization and reporting.  Our focus is on automating any measurements processes that are required on a regular basis, including those our company utilizes at client sites.  We also integrate instruments with global positioning systems (GPS) for automated recording of both spatial and radiological field data. Our capabilities include radiological laboratories (both mobile and fixed). Onsite lab capabilities can provide great economy to a decommissioning site due to the quick turn-around of sampling to results and the ability to make quick decisions, as well as the economy savings related to the cost of sample results.

  • Remediation and Decommissioning

    Newtech personnel have been active participants in the decommissioning process since the 1980’s and are familiar with the concepts, techniques, costs and options available to licensees under 10 CFR 20 and other applicable regulations and guidance documents (such as MARSSIM). Our approach is comprehensive and allows for the information gathered in the scoping and characterization phases to be applied toward site remediation and within final decommissioning reports.

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