Radiation Safety Consulting

We develop solutions. Newtech employs certified health physicists, engineers and technicians who understand the implementation of best practices to ensure radiation safety for your workers and the environment. Our consultants also provide solutions related to industrial and mechanical automation, equipment interfacing, programming logic and controls, and plant efficiency consulting/auditing.

NewTech provides consulting services and our personnel can assist you whether it is a turn-key solution or on an hourly basis to guide you through the necessary steps toward regulatory compliance and understanding of the regulations governing your work area.  We work with our clients to understand their business needs and to ensure the solutions offered fit the organization.  We will not leave you dangling; at the same time we have experience in transferring responsibilities to client personnel and training others to achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Radiation Safety Training (Technical and Non-technical personnel)

    Newtech has trained hundreds of personnel to work safely with radioactive materials. Our training base includes all levels of radiation workers, from the secretary requiring general radiation training knowledge to the workers performing remediation and radioactive material handling to radiation transport drivers to the radiation safety technicians working for your organization. Our training meets the federal requirements of 10 CFR 20, OSHA, as well as those required by the State as applicable for your facility.

  • Onsite Radiological Laboratories Mobile Labs

    Newtech owns a full suite of laboratory and field equipment, instrumentation and software and has the capabilities to quickly assemble a field or permanent laboratory at your facility.  Our capabilities include gamma spectroscopy (both HPGe and NaI), alpha and beta spectroscopy, x-ray fluorescence, and cabinet x-ray analysis. One of our specialties is the detection and analysis of uranium, thorium, and radium contaminants in low-levels (environmental or background) in soils.  Our proprietary technologies allow for the detection and quantification of background levels with very short sample turnaround times (less than ½ hour from sample receipt to analysis).  All of our processes have been vetted by State and federal regulatory agencies at various sites.

  • Environmental Assessment

    Newtech has considerable experience in the performance of environmental assessments. Such assessments include the identification and quantification of radioactive materials, sources and radiation fields within land, water, air, equipment, buildings, and manufactured items. We will identify environmental and dose pathways and can perform studies to determine employee or member of the public residence times and the estimated dose to those persons from external and internal exposures. Newtech experts have broad experience in the performance of environmental pathways and dose modeling, especially for the purposes of establishing limits for site release from licensing control.

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